Self-Employed Loans

If you are currently self-employed or have been in the past then you will be familiar with the challenges most self-employed people face when it comes time to get a Home loan. Let me take you through what some of these challenges are and my tips to help you get over them. There is also… Continue reading Self-Employed Loans

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Understanding Bankruptcy Litigation and Contested Bankruptcy Cases

The bankruptcy process is certainly daunting when you don’t have any experience with it. And for the majority of individuals filing bankruptcy or considering the option, of course they don’t have that experience, because it’s the first time they’re going through this. That’s where the help of experienced attorneys comes into play, as they have… Continue reading Understanding Bankruptcy Litigation and Contested Bankruptcy Cases

Landlords Accountants

Here are a few reasons how a specialised landlords accountants can help: 1. Real time financial information When looking for an accountant make sure they offer the use of cloud accounting software such as Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Sage One or Xero. Using these programmes will mean you have access to your business’s finances in realtime meaning… Continue reading Landlords Accountants

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