Have You Invested Money With BigOption?


It was in the year 2014 when the French regulatory authorities gave a warning about unauthorised Forex brokers, Big Option was one among them. Actually the Big Option scam was something which was happening for quite some time now and many individuals were not aware of that. A lot of individuals and fund recovery agencies tried to understand that particular scam and brought to you about the reason why it was brought to the public way too early and what ‘s behind the fact that the binary trading agent could dupe so many people at one go and literally extort approximately a million dollars from them.

This specifically started five to six years ago when different financial authorities issued a warning about all the fake binary options and Forex agents among which the Big Option was one amongst them. And then, the Anguilla Financial Services commission released an investor alert about the organization in 2015. It follows within the next 2- 3 years where many are the commission’s attempt to bring the BigOption Scam to the public because it has duped countless numbers and thousands of folks with lots and lots of money. The ultimate nail in the coffin happened when Li Elbaz, the CEO of the business was imprisoned by the United States FBI for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit related to wire transfers. If you don’t know very well what you come as a member of the family tell you that you come is the parent company of Big Option.

With approximately just one star review based on top binary options community forums, you observe that the Big Option scam has duped a lot of people. This specific scam engraves the same old disengagement issues where people have been seeking to withdraw their funds from the top option account for quite a while, they ask for acknowledgement but no reaction was made at all. The worst part about it was that the big option won’t provide any credit card withdrawal regulations and only helps wire transfers which is the clear cut indication of a fraudulent practice.

Owing to the numerous beliefs that followed and many having lost thousands of dollars in it, the Big Option Scam is definitely the truth and a firm that you need to stay away from. Hence from now on, if you decide to invest your money somewhere, don’t invest it with BigOption otherwise you will lose all of it sometime or the other.