Bridge Loans – A Short Term Financial Solution To Long Term Problems


Unleash the power of bridge loans

A bridge loan is a short-term financing solution that’s offered by alternative financing lenders and private equity funds to companies and other commercial entities. However, a short-term loan will always come with higher interest rates and other read-between-the-line details. A bridge loan gets its name because it builds a financial bridge between two different funding periods.

How does a short-term loan work?

A case in point: A company has been sanctioned a loan for USD 1 million from a bank. Now, the loan will be provided to this company in a period of six months. Meantime, suppose the company needs cash. Then, what will I do? It’s simple-the company should head to bridge loan lenders.

Being a short-term financing option, a bridge loan will be given to a company with a repayment period of six months to two years. Now, that’s exactly how a bridge loan works. If you’re more concerned on exploring the way such a financial solution benefits you, you should head toward a bridge loan financing expert.

Why short term loans matter and have grown in popularity in today’s conservative markets?

Now, you’re part of a hyper-competitive business environment where you’ll have to make a lot of critical decisions. Some of these decisions, doubtlessly, have to be financial in nature. For example, you have to buy a parcel of commercial real estate immediately; you have gone to a trusted commercial real-estate consulting player, and even the land looks pretty good, but you lack the cash.

Now, what has to be done? The answer lies in you securing loans. This financing format will let you access high-quality, much-needed funds in a short span of time with minimal due-diligence. These funds will be necessary while you’re arranging for a conventional commercial loan or waiting for a loan to be processed with a more traditional financial institution which typically takes an excess of 120 days in most markets due to the several third party inspections and internal quality assurance reviews.

A few key points to remember while applying for a bridge loan

Here are a few points that you should remember while you apply for a loan.

Eligibility criteria

Just like any other financing format, lenders will have to look at a borrower’s payment history and credit worthiness. In this case, you’ll have to pledge collateral that can be a commercial, multifamily, development land or any other valuable real estate asset. A business that’s applying for this specific fund can even pledge intangible ones such as an intellectual property. A few financial institutions may even require you to reduce your operating expenses while the repayment is made.

Exit options

While exiting this financing option, you may pick from any of these three options:

  • The first option is to repay the full amount.
  • The second one includes applying for other financing options or loans.
  • The last one will include you to sell your collateral.

So here’s where we’ll end the post, investors and readers. Now, you know nearly every basic material about a bridge loan. Last, if you’ve found this piece useful enough, you should share it with others and spread the word on the importance of bridge loans in today’s commercial environment.